//Winter Festival in Mount Abu 2017

Winter Festival in Mount Abu 2017

The Winter Festival at Mount Abu, Rajasthan is held annually from 29–31 December. The festival is jointly organized by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and the Municipal Board of Mount Abu.

Mount Abu Festival 2017

Mount Abu, situated at an altitude of 1,219 m above sea level, is the only hill station in Rajasthan.

The Winter Festival features traditional dancing, concerts, fairs, and a fireworks display; participants include folk artists from majorly Rajasthan and also from Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The festival opens with a procession to Nakki Lake.

Other attractions of the festival include stage performance of Sufi Kathak and folk dances such as Daph, Ghoomar and Gair, and entertainments such as kite-flying, hot air ballooning, cricket, gilli danda, poetry reading and music performances.

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29/12/2017 – 30/12/2017


Mount Abu


The Mount Abu Winter Festival is a tthree-daylong festival that emphasizes the beauty of the hill station and the hospitable culture and tradition of the region. The celebrations generally begin with a ceremonial procession which starts from the RTDC Hotel Shikhar and proceeds further in the hill station. The procession gets together and ends at Nakki Lake Chowk, this is followed by folk and dance performances by troupes from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and nearby states. The festival closes with a grand finale display of amazing fireworks.

Three things have made this festival rise up to a world platform they are the hospitality, the colorful culture and the exotic location. Apart from these cultural activities, water sports, rowing competitions, cricket matches also add to the festivities of the festival.