/Social Services

Social Services

We are socially active team who make sure that each child in Dungarpur District must get Education an their rights. We work for child Labour right in Dungarpur.

If you feel that you want ot work with us then please contact us.

Education for Child

We are trying to give education for rach child in our Dungarpur. Please help us to make Dungarpur Educated .

Child Labor Free Dungarpur

We are trying to make our Dungarpur District free from child labor. Join us save someones future. Be one the Us by just clicking the below button

Swachch Bharat Abhiyan

Influenced by Swachch Bharat Abhiyan. Now Dungarpur is also on the Path of Cleanness. We are helping our City to make it Green and Clean. We run cleaning campaigns in Dungarpur city. To join us in the Cleaning campaign. Please leave a message in our Contact us form

Want ot Join us for Social Work and Serivces in Dungarpur

Please click below button to join our team. and be the part of change in Dungarpur. Thank You